About Us

FSAmarket.com is a specialty site providing you with access to thousands of FSA eligible and HSA eligible products ranging from Athletic Braces and Supports to Blood Glucose Testing Supplies, we have it all! FSA Market is owned and operated by ExpressMed, a company with over 30 years of experience in the healthcare and medical supply industry delivering products right to your door with a smile on our faces. We have taken all of that industry knowledge, our manufacturer relationships, and customer service know how to provide you with a wonderful discounted online shopping experience through FSAmarket.com

The Problem:

Over the years we found that many of our customers and even employees were not taking full advantage of the Flexible Spending Account (FSA) programs that provide such great tax savings and incentives for purchasing items with up to $2,600 a year of tax-free income. We often heard complaints from employees covered by an FSA account that they have trouble finding where they could purchase products clearly labeled as eligible for FSA reimbursement. This often left employees searching through the confusing IRS website or contacting their benefit managers to find out if specific items were FSA eligible or not before heading to the pharmacy or grocery store. Even worse was that if they didn't use all of the pre-taxed money they set aside by the end of the plan year they risked losing it back to their employer!

The Solution:

We are in the business of providing customer satisfaction by way of getting people the medical equipment they need, when they need it, and solving problems. So naturally, we wanted to provide our hard-working employees and the millions of Americans out there with flexible spending accounts a solution that was so clearly needed. Thus we created FSA Market, a site that solves all of the issues faced by employees with flexible spending accounts. We do this by providing employees with an easy to use one-stop-shop with educational material, answers to all of their questions, and instant access to thousands of FSA eligible products available for purchase with your FSA-debit card or major credit card without ever having to leave home.

Every product found on FSAmarket.com is eligible for reimbursement through your Flexible Spending Account so you don't have to guess if any products are covered or not like you would at a drugstore. We are members of SIGIS, the non-profit corporation who developed and manages the industry standards on FSA reimbursement in order to meet IRS requirements. If you have any questions about items you are looking to purchase or your FSA benefits our helpful customer service team is here to help. Please take a look at what we have to offer, you will be amazed at what items you can purchase with your FSA card that you never even crossed your mind. With a site this convenient, with this many FSA eligible products, you can confidently take full advantage of your company's FSA program for years to come. Don't keep our site a secret, make sure to share it with your friends, family, and co-workers, they will thank you for it and so will we!