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What is a rollator?

Rollators were designed to provide additional functionality and convenience over standard walkers. They offer greater support and an easier walking experience. Rollators typically have three or four wheels, sometimes a seat and a storage basket underneath or in front, and locking brakes.

What's the difference between a walker and a rollator?

Standard walkers typically have no wheels or only two non-swivel wheels on the front two legs. Rollators have wheels on all their legs and the front wheels swivel for easier mobility. A standard walker without wheels offers the most support, but requires you to lift it with every step, which can be challenging for some users. Rollators offer support without slowing down your walking pace. Even with wheels, you are in control of the rollator speed and direction.

When deciding between a walker and a rollator, it is important for you to think about how you will use it. For someone who needs to go from one room to another inside a home, a conventional walker may be the better choice. However, if everyday errands become challenging to navigate, a rollator may be the better choice to help you get around.

What do you look for when buying a rollator?

Besides the wheels, there are a few things to look for when you're buying a rollator. The most important thing to look for is the height of the handles. Most rollators will come with adjustable handles around five inches to seven inches. Measure from the ground up to where your arms sit comfortably. You can find a handle height that will fit those measurements to ensure comfort and stability.

Secondly, you'll want to look for a rollator that has the right weight capacity and seat width for your needs. Most standard rollators will have a seat width of 12 inches and a weight capacity of up to 300lbs. If you have other needs, you may want to look at Bariatric rollators.

Here we have a few of the standard rollator choices to compare against each other:

Roller Comparison Caster Size Handle Height Inside Handle Width Maximum Patient Weight Outside Width Length Seat Width Seath Depth Seat Height Item Weight Weight Capacity


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