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Sku - 62402544
Sku - 62402544

Prevail Adult Incontinent Briefs offer complete protection against leakage and exceptional comfort with QUICK WICK, Odor Guard Technologies, Comfort-Shape Plus, and Easy-Lock Fasteners. With QUICK WICK, the briefs are designed with a full-mat absorbent core that will rapidly lock in fluids. This reduces the chance of irritation, chaffing, or rashes by keeping the skin dry. At the same time, the Odor Guard technology prevents embarrassing odors from developing, boosting users confidence. The briefs are also designed with Easy-Lock fasteners and Comfort-Shape Plus for a customized fit with refastenable tabs that will securely grip the cloth like outer fabric without sticky adhesives.

Size: Large, 45 to 58 Inch Waist / Hip. Pack of 16.

  • Ideal for moderate to severe incontinence
  • Soft contouring fabric, with gentle elastics for a personal comfortable fit
  • Ventilated waist panels for air circulation to enhance skin wellness
  • Odor control system that locks in unpleasant smells
  • Features QUICK WICK with MaxSoft, which rapidly captures fluids

Prevail Per-Fit 360 Adult Briefs are top of the line adult briefs that are designed to deftly out-perform the competition, making them some of the best incontinence briefs on the market today. They feature a soft and comfortable cloth-like outer fabric, giving the user the a light and natural fit throughout the day.

The refastenable Prevail Per-Fit 360 Adult Briefs feature enhanced breathable zones to help keep the skin dry, healthy, and rash-free. Their patented maximum incontinence protection formula helps to stop odors before they start, while the Advanced Zoning System with a targeted acquisition zone works to contain leaks more effectively than the competition. These briefs are some of the strongest and most comfortable out there.

Prevail Per-Fit 360 Adult Briefs Features and Benefits:

Improves Odor Control, Skin Health and Wearer Comfort.
Helps Stops Odors Before They Start.
Cloth-Like, Outer Fabric.
Advanced Zoning System.
Refasten Zone.
Enhanced, Breathable Zones.
Offer a Full-Mat Core Design.

Prevail Per-Fit 360 Adult Briefs Specifications:

Manufacturer: First Quality
Brand: Prevail
Absorbency Level: Heavy
Product TypeIncontinence
ManufacturerFirst Quality
Brand Prevail
FSA EligibleFSA Eligible