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FSA Eligible OTC Items So you’re starting to notice everyone around you coughing, sneezing, and sniffling? That must mean the cold and flu are in full swing. If you're trying to dodge coming down with this year's strain of sickness, you need to stock up on some over the counter items In 2011, the IRS changed the rules regarding reimbursement of OTC items. You can still purchase items such as cough medicine and other over the counter drugs with your FSA or HSA funds. But, now you will need to obtain a prescription from your doctor in order to be reimbursed. So we wanted you to know the 4 OTC items that require a prescription but are still FSA and HSA eligible.

Cold & Flu Medicine

You may legitimately have a cold, but unless your doctor writes you a prescription for the medication, you can't use your FSA dollars on it. It seems counterintuitive to have OTC items require a prescription, but if it has an active ingredient, the IRS requires it.

Allergy Medicine

Allergy medications all have an active ingredient, much like cold and flu medicine. Even if you're suffering from seasonal allergies, consult your doctor and get a prescription. Turn that prescription in along with your receipt to get reimbursed with your FSA dollars.

Pain Relievers

OTC pain relievers like ibuprofen, and pain relief creams will also require a prescription from your doctor if you want to use your FSA funds.

Stomach & Digestive Treatments

Remember that if it has an active medical ingredient, it requires a prescription from your doctor. Stomach aids like Pepto-Bismal and the like will require you to submit your prescription along with your receipt for reimbursement.
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There are some items that you absolutely must keep at home to help with the cold and flu! And some of these OTC items don't require a prescription in order to use your FSA funds. In fact, you can get them right here at FSA Market. Check out these handy products that will save you from a brutal cold.

Hot & Cold Packs

These are essential for the accident-prone and general aches and pains that come with the cold and flu.

Motion Sickness Aids

If you're traveling this holiday season and get motion sickness, then stock up on these before you take off! They can be purchased over the counter without a prescription, and they're FSA eligible.

Nasal Spray

A cold may mess with your sinuses, but a nasal spray will clear you up right away on the go. If you're seeing the family and don't want to be dripping on the dinner table, take a nasal spray that's FSA eligible and you'll be good to go!


Not sure your little one has come down with a cold or flu? Get a thermometer for the house, so you'll be able to tell if that cough is fake, or if they need to go see the doctor. The holiday season can be difficult to enjoy when you have symptoms of cold and flu. Taking preventative measures such as getting plenty of rest, washing your hands, and taking vitamins can help you fight off a flu bug. If you do come down with something, see your doctor and get a prescription for these eligible OTC items. That way you can get better and use up your FSA 0r HSA at the same time!
Happy Holidays and Stay Well!
By Jon Ramirez


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