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FSA Eligible Product Categories

One of the biggest questions we get about FSA and HSAs is what can you get with your money?

Many think they’re restricted to just copays, prescriptions, and OTC medications. With such a limited selection, what’s the point in putting $2,700 into an account for such limited options?

The truth is, besides your copays and prescriptions, there are THOUSANDS of health and wellness products that are eligible. Think of health products you use every single day, they're probably eligible. That means you can use your tax-advantaged flexible spending account to buy them! So to answer that question, why wouldn’t you save hundreds of dollars on your tax bill and save money on the supplies you use daily?

Eligible products include first-aid, sunscreen, diabetes testing supplies, and prenatal vitamins.

Okay, that’s not the huge list we were hyping up, but we promise there are thousands more!

Take a look at just a small selection of the FSA eligible categories we carry.

Personal Care

Sunscreen, skin-care, family planning, feminine care, eye and ear care, foot care, and oral care. Anything you need to take care of yourself and keep yourself clean, it’s eligible, and we carry it!

First Aid

If you need pain relief items, braces, supports, first aid kits, or compression support, you can buy those with your FSA or HSA.

Home Health Care

You may have a health ailments you need to manage at home, and we say buy those products with your FSA! Diabetes care, diagnostic testing, incontinence, urological care, walking aids, ostomy care, specialized wound care, and so many more. All the supplies you need to keep on top of your own health care can be purchased with your FSA.

Travel Necessities

Going out of town for business or vacation? You’ll probably need some health supplies for your trip. All the regular products you use come in convenient travel sizes. And, if the regular size is covered by your FSA, then of course the travel size is as well! Motion sickness aids, insoles, sunscreens, first aid kits, and reading glasses are all FSA eligible.

Baby & Child Care

We know how expensive it is to raise little ones, so every penny counts. That’s why we need you to know there are hundreds of products you can use your FSA to buy. Baby feeding accessories, potty training pull ups, baby grooming, first aid for kids, and more are eligible. You can breathe a little easier knowing you’ll be saving valuable tax dollars on discounted FSA eligible products for you and your little ones.

With these great FSA eligible products, there’s no reason for you to lose any of your funds at the end of the year. Make sure to find out when your plan year ends from your HR representative. You can also check if you apply for a deadline extension or rollover.

See? We told you there were literally thousands of great reasons to sign up for an FSA or HSA.

You have until December 15th to sign up for the 2019 year!

If you still have funds left in your 2018 account, you’ve come to the right place, but hurry, because there’s only 54 days left to spend your funds!

FSA Eligibility List
By Jon Ramirez


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