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7 Last Minute Gifts to buy With Your FSAIt’s December 12th. And you waited until the last minute to think about buying gifts this year. On top of that, you have hundreds of dollars left in your FSA. We know, we’ve been there too.

It feels like an impossibly short amount of time between now and Christmas to get all those last minute gifts and spend the rest of your FSA. And we doubt the pharmacy will let you walk out with $500 worth of cold medicine without asking questions.

Maybe a major health emergency will arise, but fingers crossed that won’t happen.

So now you might be thinking how to spend the last of your FSA dollars. But you might also be thinking Christmas is less than 2 weeks away.

What's more important, using up your FSA funds, or making sure everyone has gifts under the tree?

FSA Eligible Gifts at FSA Market

Don’t worry, we found the solution to both! Did you know that your FSA covers eligible medical expenses for you, your spouse, and your dependents? That means you can get your kids some creative stocking stuffers that are FSA eligible!

We scoured the FSA Eligibility List to find the perfect gift for all your family members. And we found the perfect last-minute gifts that will fill the kid's stockings, and get your spouse the practical gift they never thought of buying.

Last minute gifts that are also FSA eligible

  1. Your Wife
    • Wrap up a Vicks Steam Inhaler to help her relax and clear out her sinuses (that the sick kids clearly blocked). It's a short 5-to-15 minute mini home therapy she'll be sure to enjoy.
  2. Your Husband
    • If you're shopping for your husband, a TENS device will wash away the day's stresses and tense muscles. This TENS device is pretty small, so it's easily portable and is controlled by an app!
  3. The New Baby
    • Throw this Babyganics sunscreen in their stocking, because your new baby can still get sunburnt in the winter.
  4. The Toddler
    • Toddlers are clumsy and they bump their heads a lot! Throw this Bunny/Puppy Ice and Heat Pack into their stocking for a cute yet practical gift.
  5. Accident-Prone Teenagers
  6. Dependent Parents
    • If you are taking care of aging parents and can claim them as dependents, then you most certainly can use your FSA dollars on a gift for them! Get them this rollator that allows them to get themselves around freely. They're already dependent on you for so much, restore a little bit of their freedom!
  7. Yourself
    1. Don’t forget about yourself this holiday. If you’re feeling the stress from taking care of everyone else, this Muscle & Joint Relief Bundle will surely relax you.

Remember that you can only use the funds from your FSA on eligible family members. That includes yourself, your spouse, and your dependents (children or parents). A first aid kit you’re sending to your niece might not be the right use of your funds. And definitely, don't try regifting something you bought with your FSA that you didn't end up using.

By checking a few people off your holiday list with tax-free dollars just might remind you why an FSA is so great!

There are only 19 days left in the year to use your funds! So if you have a child or spouse left on your Christmas list, be sure to check our bundles and other creative gifts to spend down those FSA dollars on.

By Jon Ramirez


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