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Flexible Spending Account cards are the answer to simplifying fsa spending

So, you started a new job and they offer great benefits like 401K, health and dental insurance, and FSA and HSAs. Or, you’re preparing for Open Enrollment and want to change your benefits this year. You may be familiar with dental and health insurance and all that rigmarole. But have you considered a Flexible Spending Account? Do you know what benefits it provides, and the tax savings you can claim from these great benefits? It may feel like extra money taken from your paycheck. But, a Flexible Spending Account actually puts money back into your wallet! If you’re unfamiliar with how it works, you may be thinking “what is an FSA, and how does it give me MORE money?”. To learn more about FSAs, we explain all the benefits here!

What’s the Easy Part?

You can use your flexible spending account to pay for medical expenses for you and your family members. But, the best part of an FSA is a Flexible Spending Account card (sometimes called a Benefits card or FSA card). This allows you to shop like you would with a regular debit or credit card. With a Flexible Spending Account card, you have immediate access to all your FSA funds. Great, you think! No more submitting receipts, right?


Here's the problem people face when trying to use their Flexible Spending Account cards. Shopping in a pharmacy or big box store is near impossible if you don’t have the FSA Eligibility List memorized. And many of the employees in those stores aren’t familiar with the list themselves.

In the end, you may not even use your FSA card because of all the confusion and frustration. So how is any of this easy to use? Hundreds of thousands of dollars are left on the table because it's too difficult to use your FSA. Even worse, people stopped enrolling in the program altogether and lost valuable tax savings.

There's 1 thing to solve this problem

FSA Market is a one-stop shop for every eligible product, that means you can use your FSA card without thinking twice about it. Everything is eligible, so no more reading lists and no more submitting receipts.

You can use your Flexible Spending Account card on every purchase at FSA Market because literally, every item is eligible. Plus, we guarantee fast, discreet shipping, and unbeatable savings. Now, your FSA can go back to being a simple tax savings account it always should’ve been. Get the products you need to be delivered straight to your door using your FSA dollars you worked so hard for. FSA Market has thousands of products that you can use your tax-free dollars on. From breast pumps to daily vitamins and everything in between, we've made it easy.

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